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Network Expansion in North Europe, Sweden & Finland

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Telecommunication Service Providers has been building its network in North European regions, mainly for metropolitan area of Sweden and Finland. KNET’s air blown solution has been applied since 2014 and thousands kilometers of Microducts were supplied to the local partner. Thick-walled Duct with easier operation advantage and proved resistance of low temperature makes the expansion more efficient. Up till now, the basic network of metropolis is almost fulfilled and some rural areas are being installed according to their increasing demand for fiber network connection.

Fast and Flexible Distribution Network Expansion, Germany

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The demand for subscribers connection has been increasing which causes network provider and ISP companies to expand network and FTTH coverage for better services with reasonable cost. Accordingly, Microduct and Air Blown Solutions have been adopted in order to save initial installation cost. Additionally, service providers need solutions for flexible distribution network depending on subscribers’ request with minimal time and installation. For these purposes, small size of Microtube

Turksat Project in Golbasi, Turkey

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mini trenching ( 50mm Width & 400 mm Depth), the microduct (Microduct TWD 14/10mm 4way and 7/3.5mm 12way) was laid before cable installation. The installed distance of cable was 90 meter per min by air blowing. We had finished 1Km with less than 30 min and consequently we got Turkey KMO project.

National Broadband Network, Greece

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Almost fully occupied Manhole and the necessity of migration from copper cable to fiber optic cable stimulates the demand of applying Microduct Solution. Direct Buried Duct is deployed by Micro-trenching method and Direct Install Duct is installed into existing PVC ducting system.

Fast Deployment for Mobile Tower connection : Myanmar

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The new Myanmar mobile operators needed to build the backhaul connection in a very short period of time. The expansion of its coverage was essential to increase the market share in this emerging market.Network providers can manage their networks easily since the fiber/ cable was shared with individual inner tube compare to conventional case. It’s suitable for mobile backhaul connection since Tower provider or Network Provider can easily set up cost effective infrastructure with expandable network.(By blowing empty tube when customer request service)

Telecommunication Service Provider, Korea

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Telecommunication companies such as KT and SKT and utility companies such as KEPCO are focusing on how to efficiently utilize existing infrastructure for network expansion. As a solution, we have installed DI Microduct in existing outer ducts and bundle ducts in existing subducts. It makes subscribers connection faster and time and cost saving for civil work comparing to the conventional installation method.

Prevent risk of damage to existing underground utilities, Philippines

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Since required fast deployment for 3rd Mobile Telco launching and avoiding high risk of causing damage to existing underground facilities, micro duct is the efficient solution to satisfythe customer’s needs.

MEA Common Ducting & Underground Migration, Thailand

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In order to improve the aesthetic view of Bangkok, government own organization, Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), raise 5 years project plan to bring down aerial cable and replace with underground Microduct total distance 500 km. KNET solution is to deploy a common ducting, Thick Walled Duct 4way 14/10mm + 4way 12/8mm inside existing underground MEA’s PVC duct to accommodate fibers and serve to population in Bangkok city.

SINGAPORE In Building Solution

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The government subsidiary policy for non-residential buildings offered opportunity for KNET LSZH Microduct supply, which got UL Certificate to guarantee the function of flame-retardation. KNET, aiming at being a total solution provider, also developed customized Mounting Rack and Patch Panel for tube arrangement with bulkhead connector in MDF room

The Municipality’s Leading Open Access Network, Indonesia

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The Bandung city mayor declared to stop the fiber optic infrastructure deployment since there were a lot of issues and sprawling network constructions from the several operators. Moreover, the municipality did not allow random excavation anymore, mainly due to severe traffic jam. Thus, the infrastructure needed to be shared by the operators and construction had to be done in a short time. Micro trenching was the best solution to minimize traffic disruption and the operator were able to use the extra tube from microduct bundled without additional excavation to complywith municipality's policy.

Nationwide End-to-End Microduct Network, New Zealand

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This project has been designed with the microduct from the backbone area to the drop. To complete the project, the owner of the project had to find the manufacturer who could supply the whole product portfolio. KNET was one of the very few suppliers having capabilities to satisfy the demands for providing the wide range of the configuration Various types of customized Microducts to meet subscribers’ environment have been suggested and deployed

Eastern of Canada - Telecommunication Service Provider

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Broadband Network - Canadian Tier 1 service provider was using Knet microduct to provide high speed service to end subscribers. Drilling had been used as one of their major installation method.

Metro Area- Micro trenching for FTTH, New York

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New York City specifies 7way ( 7 tubes). The infrastructure owner is using couple of tubes and the extra tubes are available for City agency or other providers later. The better solution needed for busy street with less disruption and ended up to chose micro trenching. Only one lane out of 3 were blocked for the job and the residents in neighbor gave the complimentary on how the construction goes so wellwithout disturb.

The international oil and gas company’s digital technologies, USA

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To manage the stability of pipeline infrastructure is driving to adapt the digitaltechnologies such as smart sensors, cloudy systems which makes real time data collect from oil field.Drilling optimization, detecting leakage faster and reducing repair response times are now possible to use telecommunication infrastructure. Using microduct , it is possible for energy companyto deploy fiber optic cable easily along with their own energy ( gas or oil) pipe line

Business Park New Development, Costa Rica

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The Business park was just 60mins away from the ports(Air/Sea) in Costa Rica. For building a new business complex, an optimized fiber pathway was a MUST. The developer had already installed a 4 inches duct with four 1.25 inch sub-ducts (OD 31mm). In order to maximize the capacity of cable, microduct solution was used.

Smart City OSP infrastructure, Free Zone Colón, Panama

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Due to excessive amount of cables on the power line poles, the telecommunications regulator did not allow to install anymore aerial FO cables in the city. The service provider decided to investigate the option to go underground and the conclusion was to do mini trench and use microducts .

Global Mining company – Fiber Optic cable installation, Brazil

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The fibers, which will serve the automation, telephone and internet systems of the new mine, are being installed by means of micro ducts. a rigid cable formed by small grouped ducts, through which the optical microfibers pass. The network can be both aerial and underground.

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