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About Knet

Since its establishment in 2002, KNET has been devoting best efforts to developing PE pipe products ranging from telecommunication, running water, and marine structures. Originally a simple supplier of high-quality products, KNET has shifted its business focus and now provides a total solution including a complete engineering service and training to guarantee customer satisfaction. This is enabled by continuous investment in state-of-the-art product manufacturing technology, skilled and knowledgeable manpower, and reputable global references. Our emphasis on building customer relationships and providing the most competitive solutions will continue.

Manufacturing base Microduct Engineering Company KNET


  • Company established

  • Development of microduct system for FTTH

  • Factory in Jeong-eup established

  • Quality System ISO 9001 certified

  • Quality Management System TL9000 certified

  • Chosen as small and medium-sized company with technology innovation (INNO-BIZ) Launch of microduct for FTTH in European market

  • ISO 14001:2004/KS A 14001:2004 certified

  • Korea National Excellent Product (Microduct)

  • 10 million USD export award

  • USA & Indonesia Branch office open

  • Malaysia Branch office open

  • Telcordia compliant with GR 3155/Verizon TRP9442, UL Rate

  • Participated in the development of GR-3155-Core, Issue2

  • Myanmar Branch Office Open, Supplied Microduct and consulted Technology/installation for Mobile tower connection in Myanmar

  • Developed and applied Enhanced Silicone Liner to improve the blowing performance. Released new developed product Micro Drop Duct for Major service provider in Korea

  • Provided Microduct duct for Energy pipe line infrastructure using digital technology in the USA. Chosen as main supplier for Dark Fiber, FTTH & National Broadband project in Philippines

  • Added new 20 more countries to export microduct on year of 2019 to expand more than 70 countries in Knet's supply chain profile

TL9000 KSA Telcordia
Knet provides Solutions for next Blulight