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Straight Connector

  • The Push-fit straight connectors manufactured with high quality materials and transparent body assure easy and quick installation.
  • The connector can be re-used 10 times remaining maintained the high performance requirements for air-blown installation systems.

Connector Cover

  • The connector cover is typically used in place of a duct closure to protect the connector and the end cap for direct burial

Straight Connector

  • The end cap for permanent or temporarily sealing of unused microducts to prevent obstacles such as water, mud, dust and so on.
  • The body is transparent for easy fault location and fix the problem easily during installation.

Reducer Connector

  • The Reducer allows interconnection between microducts that are difference in outer diameters. Usually, this is used in the point of transition from DB to DI microducts entering the office, house.

Bulkhead Connector

  • The Bulkhead Connector is used for distributing and arranging the inner tubes of bundled microduct on the frame combined by Mounting Rack and Patch Panel, which is mostly installed in MDF room of the building. The structure of bulkhead is to fix the connector the hole of the Patch Panel. It’s also suitable to apply in Air Blown System.

Gas Block Connector

  • The design of Gasblock is to prevent the gas leaking at the point where the connection between a duct and fiber optic cable inside. Gasblock connector can be installed at home, office, inside building not to allow the inflow of materials which has the harmful gas, water and dust.
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