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Microduct Cutter

MICRODUCT CUTTER is used for precise cutting of PP and PE pipes with minimum effort. Knife blades deliver clean and straight cuts on pipe diameters up to 63 mm and especially for all the current plastic types used in installation. The aluminum construction guarantees precise operation and long professional service use.

Product Code Model Duct Size (mm) Dimension (mm) Weight (g)
TDC3R TC 63 0 – 63 285 x 140 x 25 700

Microduct Sheath Remover (Slitter)

MICRODUCT SHEATH REMOVER (SLITTER) is used when dismantling the outer sheath of a double-sheathed microduct (direct buried)

Product Code Dimension (mm) Stripping Capacity (mm) Weight (g)
TSLAX 16 x 40 x 150 > 25 165

Microduct Round Cutter

This Telescopic ratchet pipe cutter is used for precise cutting of PP, PE pipes as well as sound-insulated drain pipes.

Product Code Model Duct Size (mm) Dimension (mm) Weight (g)
TDC3R TC 67 PL 6 - 67 7 700

Microduct Tube Cutter

MICRODUCT TUBE CUTTER is used in the situation of cutting a tube cleanly 90 ° in order to make a connection with another tube perfectly.

Product Code Tube Size (mm) Dimension (mm) Weight (g)
TDCBC 3 – 14 79 x 24 x 33 32

Tool Box

TOOL BOX contains 13 kinds of tools in total. It consists of Microduct special tools and other durable tools which can be efficiently used in installation site. This portable tool box is an essential item for Microduct cutting, branching and termination.

Product Code Size (mm) W x L x H Outer Application Gross Weight (kg)
TTBAMS 460 x 330 x 120 Duct cutter and 12
different kinds of tools
TL9000 KSA Telcordia
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