Blulight Microduct Product

  • Blulight Microduct Product
  • Direct Buried Microduct
  • Combined Duct

The different sizes of microduct can be mixed in one bundled microduct.Using for both feeder and last-mile with a combined size of one bundle microduct is efficient in saving the cost. It saves the cost to prevent the use of an oversized duct, especially for the last mile. If you need only 3 tubes for 144 core of ABC and 5 tubes for the subscribers using 8 core, you will have total 8 tubes but different size of tube. 14/10mm 3way + 8/4mm 5way (3 tubes for 144 core of ABC and 5 tubes for upto 12 core of ABF ) is right configuration for this case.

Common ducting concept : Service providers share “pathway” for building a Backbone network to save the civil works. They are assigned to use individual ducts needed and the size of the inner duct is designed for each provider’s request. 3 different size of a tube ( 14/10mm, 12/10mm,10/8mm for different cable 144 , 288 C)

12/10mm 3way + 10/8mm 4way + 14/10mm 1way

Enterprise Market – This type of combined duct can be used for an industrial complex where the distance between facilities is far from each other. 14/10mm for 288 core are for Metro Backbone and 8/4mm for 2 core are for the distribution network in one complex.

14/10mm 3way + 8/4mm 5way

Network owners can enjoy access to build networks easily and efficiently not only saving the cost to use combined duct of one pathway. Distribution and drop network will be built at the same time using 14/10mm and 7/3.5mm duct mixed

14/10mm 2way + 7/3.5mm 12way

Installation Method
TL9000 KSA Telcordia
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