Blulight Microduct Product

  • Blulight Microduct Product
  • Specialty Duct
  • Double Sheath Multi Duct

HDD ( Horizontal Directional Drilling) has become commonplace as a method of installation since so much growth in the past decades. Utility owners or network owners have experienced so much benefit such as removal of traffic disruption and reduction of surface damage from HDD. The pipe must be able to withstand pullback loads with tensile pull forces, external pressure, and tensile bending stress. Of course, external service loads. Knet’s Double Sheath Multi Duct is designed with double layers of outer sheath applied to thick walled tube to maximize the prevention of duct damage during HDD Installation or Pulling.

Optional Features

  • Double sheath double protection
  • Prevention from excessive abrasion while installing the duct
  • Crush and impact resistance
  • Solution specialized in Horizontal Directional Drilling and Open Cut
  • Applicable in harsh environment

This product were used for river crossing with HDD. Two layer of sheath meets the hydraulic requirement. Average 3000ft were installed under the river at one time in southern area in USA

Unwelcomed method of trenching was driving the customer to chose HDD in Philippines. Trenchless drilling requires the microduct withstanding pullback loads, external service loads and 14/10mm 7way with Double Sheath Multi duct were the right choice for this installation requirement

Installation Method
TL9000 KSA Telcordia
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