Blulight Microduct Product

  • Blulight Microduct Product
  • Specialty Duct
  • Loose Bundled Duct

Loose Bundled Duct is composed of strong outer sheath facilitating loose tubes to provide easy and convenient installation. They are applicable with a range of microtubes depending on the available space of the outer duct. You can use a sealing cap or plug to fix the tube to prevent water or dust.

Optional Features

  • Easy to install by simple striping
  • Convenient to branch off microtubes
  • Possible to install a number of microtubes inside a outer duct
  • Various options in choosing duct configuration
  • Reduce the installation time and cost
  • Relating connectivity kits are available.

Out Duct Size 50mm

10/8mm X 4 micro tubes
10/8mm X 7 micro tubes
12/10mm X 7 micro tubes

Out Duct Size 40mm

10/8mm x 5 micro tubes
10/8mm x 6 micro tubes
12/10mm x 4 micro tubes

* More configuration available

Installation Method
TL9000 KSA Telcordia
Knet provides Solutions for next Blulight