Blulight Microduct Product

  • Blulight Microduct Product
  • Special Duct for Drop Area
  • Micro Drop Duct

Installed outside building in when inside conduit does not exist or has no capacity. The built-in self-supporting steel strength member reduces installation time. It is made of flame retardant PVC.

  • For No conduit inside of Building and Apartment
  • Self-supporting with built-in wire for easy installation
  • Fast Installation & Saving time
  • 15 minutes Installation for 13 floors Apartment(15 minutes preparation Job)
  • Current Drop cable applicable and use

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We will provide you the installation video and presentation.

Easy installation with numeric marking on each tube and segregate the colors by floors For example, #1 to # 5 blue color duct is using for ground floor to 5th floor and #6 to #10 in red color duct for from 6th to 10th floor and so on.

From roof top

5/4mm 20way

After installation of Micro Drop duct

TL9000 KSA Telcordia
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