Blulight Microduct Product

  • Blulight Microduct Product
  • Special Duct for Drop Area
  • Pre-installed Cable Duct

Deploying the duct and then installing cable can be costly and time-consuming. There is a solution to eliminate the installation of cable at job site to reduce the possibility of damage from handling. “Pre Cabled Microduct” is designed to save the cost & time. ABF/ABC is pre-installed during the microduct production.

KNET “Pre Cabled Microduct” Application

This product can be used in direct buried, directional boring, aerial placement , pre-exisiting pipe and indoor application. Knet provides wide and various microduct configuration depend on the application. Here are the application cases.

Installation Procedure Pre-Cabled Microduct TWD with Blowing
Deployment of Microduct O O
Mid-Span(Window cut or Round cutting) O O
Connector and End-cap O O
Subscriber Connection with Tube O O
ABF pushing to Subscriber O X
Compressor preparing (Using Truck) X O
Compressor move to each connection X O
Blowing machine setting X O
Air Test/DIT test/Ball test X O
Fiber Blowing X O
TL9000 KSA Telcordia
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