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Greenfield projects present many opportunities and offer the best chance to plan for the future. In the past it was difficult to foresee that bandwidth demands would skyrocket as they have, but today it is no secret that bandwidth demands will continue to increase. In a greenfield installation, it is extremely easy to future-proof your network with built in pathways for simple fiber installation down the road, without the cost of installing spare unused fibers today.

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Brownfield projects can offer challenges when it comes to fitting in today’s technology with yesterday’s infrastructure. Luckily, Knet has a variety of options. Microduct is flexible enough to connect to existing microducts of the same size or ducts of slightly larger sizes with couplers. Microduct can also be installed inside of bigger conduits, pipes, sewer lines, and more. And of course it can be installed alongside other infrastructure as well. With its low profile, it is easy to install without disturbing existing infrastructure.

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The need for stronger and more robust wireless infrastructure is greater than ever with the rising popularity of 5G and wireless home internet. When planning a fiber connection to an antenna, it will often be necessary to share a pole location with other providers, and typically space on the pole must be leased. An FTTA project’s main goal should be reducing the overall size, weight, and number of connections while maintaining the requisite bandwidth and providing adequate power to the antenna or small cell.

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Smart City

The Smart city concept is becoming more popular, using an IoT network to optimize the efficiency of city operations and services and connect to citizens. Smart city technology allows city officials to interact directly with both community and city infrastructure and to monitor what is happening in the city and how the city is evolving while enhancing quality, performance and interactivity of urban services. A Smart city is more prepared to respond to challenges than a traditional city

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FTTx connections for homes and businesses are quickly becoming a requirement for new subscribers. For the first time in history, end users are beginning to demand not only quality service, but a specific technology and specific speed requirements. Users are becoming more savvy to different technologies and demand fiber. In fact, high speed fiber connections have been cited as the number one desired amenity for tenants and property owners. Knet has a solution for you to make it easy and to lower your cost per subscriber.

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MDU/High Rise

MDU and high-rise buildings often offer the highest subscriber density and can be very rewarding projects but offer unique challenges as well. It is often very difficult or impossible to re-access infrastructure after the building is complete. With other service providers competing for subscribers in the same space, this often means additional material expense for non-subscribers. With microduct preinstalled to each unit fiber drops can be blown in by a single installer as customers take service, saving the majority of material cost until a customer takes service. Pre-connected fibers are available to reduce fiber splicing, further reducing installation cost.

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Last Mile

Weather for an FTTx project, smart city grid, or wireless small cell deployments, the last mile of a fiber installation can be extremely complex with careful planning required. The biggest challenge can be staying within an acceptable loss budget while branching fibers along often pre-determined routes that the operator has no control over such as existing pipe or conduit, streets or sidewalks, or telephone poles. This requires limiting splice points and cross connects wherever possible.

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Long Haul

Many operators believe that their long-haul fiber network will never need to be upgraded. This has been proven to be untrue time and time again due to population booms and increasing downstream demand. Traditional future proofing requires a large investment in spare fiber that may not be used for a long time.

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