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Knet offers a variety of options for brownfield projects for any installation type. Whatever unique challenges your project provides, Knet can overcome. Simply choose an option that best fits your project’s needs to learn more about the products that will help complete your installation faster and more affordably than a traditional cable installation.

Fiber Pathway Installation
Using Ducted System

The Business park was just 60mins away from the ports(Air/Sea) in Costa Rica. The developer had already installed a 4 inches duct with four 1.25 inch sub-ducts (OD 31mm). In order to maximize the capacity of cable, microduct solution was used.

For the backbone, 12 way is used which the initial scope entails installing one (or two) spans of Duct Install 12 way and 4 way from manhole to two sites

Outcome and Benefits

The microduct solution were chosen due to its ability to use an existing duck system without having to open the trench ; “thus saving the overall costs.” Because KNET had more than one option for the microduct configuration, it was possible to choose 12 way for the backbone and 4 way for the drop KNET’s various configurations enabled customers to choose the right tube size upon the fiber size. The OD of 8 core is 2.0 mm which fits in smaller size of tube 5/3.5mm.

MEA Common Ducting & Underground Migration
: Thailand

The new mobile operators needed to build the backhaul connection in a very short period of time. The expansion of its coverage was essential to increase the market share in this emerging market. In addition, operators wanted to use a small core of fiber in the initial stage with a stable network. The conventional duct system tends to be less cost effective since it uses bigger core of the cable and prevents additional cable installation in the future. In conclusion, network providers were advised to deploy the fiber in a responsive manner and to consider a better solution for the future expansion

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