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With Knet microduct, single ducts can be easily redirected from a multiduct bundle to service a single connection point without the need for a fiber splice or cross connection. Fibers can then be blown to each connection point from a centralized location, reducing splicing requirements further as well as time and setup costs. With microduct preinstalled to each point, fiber drops can be blown in by a single installer as customers take service, saving cost until a customer takes service and without the need for additional construction. Pre-connected fibers are also available to reduce fiber splicing to almost zero.

Fast and Flexible Distribution
Network Expansion: Germany

The demand for subscribers' connection has been increasing, which causes network providers and ISP companies to expand network and FTTH coverage for better services at a reasonable cost. Accordingly, Microduct and Air Blown Solutions have adopted to save initial installation costs. Additionally, service providers need solutions for a flexible distribution network depending on subscribers' requests with minimal time and installation. For these purposes, small size of Microtube has widely deployed for the distribution network.

In Germany, Knet Microduct has deployed from the central office to FDH, and Air Blown Cable has installed. From FDH to the customer distribution point, one to four lines of installed to accommodate the required network. Finally, Ruggedized duct installed from the customer distribution point to the customer. Ruggedized duct with embedded brass wires protects the fiber inside and allows soft trenching

Outcome and Expected effect

Material and freight cost saving (more than 30%) , Installation cost saving since small trench size is possible. Easy duct handling due to light-weighted product. Faster installation

TL9000 KSA Telcordia
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