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Knet offers a variety of options for greenfield projects for any installation type. Whatever unique challenges your project provides, Knet can overcome. Simply choose an option that best fits your project’s needs to learn more about the products that will help complete your installation faster and more affordably than a traditional cable installation.

Nationwide End-to-End
Microduct Network :
New Zealand

The New Zealand government wanted to boost the internet industry by upgrading the passive network. The New Zealand government plans and designs with Microduct Network to adopt any ISP against ILEC. Deploying the whole passive infrastructure without any job from ISP is a critical factor for this project.

This project has been designed with the microduct from the backbone area to the drop. To complete the project, the owner of the project had to find the manufacturer who could supply the whole product portfolio. KNET was one of the very few suppliers having capabilities to satisfy the demands for providing the wide range of the configuration Various types of customized Microducts to meet subscribers’ environment have been suggested and deployed

The Municipality’s Leading
Open Access Network :

The Bandung city mayor declared to stop the fiber optic infrastructure deployment since there were a lot of issues and sprawling network constructions from the several operators. Moreover, the municipality did not allow random excavation anymore, mainly due to severe traffic jam. Thus, the infrastructure needed to be shared by the operators and construction had to be done in a short time.

Depth – 40 cm
Width – 8 cm
Trenching speed:
200-250 m/day
Blowing: 200-250 m/10 min

Bandwidth expansion required an easy and simple process for the maintenance system. It enabled operators to be able to simply add optical fiber by using air blowing system. As a result, operators could save CAPEX/OPEX.”

TL9000 KSA Telcordia
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