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Last Mile

Microduct is uniquely well suited for last mile applications. With microduct, it is simple and easy to re-direct individual ducts along different pathways. With each duct containing an individual cable, it is possible to easily redirect fibers along different pathways without the need for a fiber splice or cross connection. This reduces the product demand, installation time, and dB loss. Unused microducts can be saved for future expansion without the need for additional construction costs and installed with a minimal crew.

Metro Area –Micro trenching,
High School FTTH , New York, NY

New York City is one of the busiest city in the world. To build fiber optic infrastructure is always big challenge for not only contractors/installers but also for the City to regulate the construction. To prevent any complaint from pedestrians, residents, the City had to find the proper method of installation. Micro trenching had been chosen and promoted by City. This Micro trenching rules ( See notice of adoption of rules on box right) was first published in the City Record on June 24, 2014

Knet’s Microduct had been used for building high school FTTH in Upper East Side in New York.
Only 5 hours needed to lay the duct underground from handhole to the school.

Flat duct 16/12mm 7way was chosen and City agency a couple of tubes saved for future demands
No dig on additional need but just jet the cable into microduct

Notice of Adoption of Rules

Pursuant to the authority verted in the Commissioner of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications by section 1043 of the Charter, the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications has adopted this amendment of Title 67 of the Ruled of the City of New York regarding the use of microtrenching by the City’s telecommunications franchisees

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