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Long Haul

Knet microduct is perfect for long haul applications. Once microduct is in place, cables can be blown in at distances of over 2KM. Unused microducts can be saved for future expansion without the need for additional construction costs and installed with a minimal crew.

Fast Deployment for Mobile
Tower connection: Myanmar

The new mobile operators needed to build the backhaul connection in a very short period of time. The expansion of its coverage was essential to increase the market share in this emerging market. In addition, operators wanted to use a small core of fiber in the initial stage with a stable network. The conventional duct system tends to be less cost effective since it uses bigger core of the cable and prevents additional cable installation in the future. In conclusion, network providers were advised to deploy the fiber in a responsive manner and to consider a better solution for the future expansion

  • By using micro trencher and blowing machine for the cable installation, KNET provided a much faster deployment solution compared to the conventional one.
  • Because maintenances and repairs were easily done without the trench being opened, OPEX for the operators decreased Network providers can manage their networks easily since the fiber/ cable was shared with individual inner tube compare to conventional case
  • It’s suitable for mobile backhaul connection since Tower provider or Network Provider can easily set up cost effective infrastructure with expandable network. (By blowing empty tube when customer request service)
TL9000 KSA Telcordia
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