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Characteristics of PE 100 Pipe

Chemical Stability, Corrosion Resistance

Polyethylene doesn’t erode to acid, alkali and salt. In addition micro-organism like bacteria or seaweed can’t grow in Polyethylene material

Light Weight and Perfect connection

PE100 Pipe can be easily handled and installed because the weight of PE pipe is just 1/7 of steel pipe


PE100 Pipe is convenient to install because curved fitting don’t have to be used at bent position and Flexibility is maintained at low temperature


Optimal condition as pipes for providing portable water are met not only in that purity of contents can be Maintained because PE pipes for supplying water doesn’t have iron or easily extracted material but also in that the Taste of water doesn't change

Freezing Resistance

PE100 Pipes don’t break up to -80 Celsiu

HDPE Pipe’s Benefits

Published by Plastic Pipe Institute

Saves Both Time And Money - Lower Life Cycle Costs, Reduced Installation Costs

Corrosion, Abrasion, And Chemical Resistant, Excellent Flow Characteristics
Leak Free, Lightweight And Flexible, Ductility And Toughness

Property of PE100 Material

Property Unit Typical Value Test Method
Melt Index g/10min 0.21 ASTM D1238
Density g/㎤ 0.95 ASTM D1505
Water Absorption % <0.01 ASTM D570
Tensile Strength at Yield kgf/㎠ 240 ASTM D638
Elongation at Break % >600 ASTM D638
Flexure Modulus kgf/㎠ 9,000 ASTM D790
Rockwell Hardness R Scale 40 ASTM D785
Impact Strength kgf cm/㎝ >50 ASTM D256
Environment Stress Cracking Resistance hr.Cond.B.10% >5000 ASTM D1693
Melting Point 133 ASTM D3418
Vicat Softening Point 124 ASTM D1525
Oxidation Induction Time at 200℃ min >60 ASTM D3895
Heat Deflection Temperature 65 ASTM D648
Brittleness Temperature <-70 ASTM D746

※ The above value is representative value.

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