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Global Projects

Knet has supplied a high-quality PE 100 HDPE pipes for water supply lines for the development of residential complexes around the world. PE 100 HDPE piping systems for industrial water and fire-fighting for industrial plants such as large petrochemical plants, and water supply piping projects to solve drinking water shortages in water shortage areas was supplied and successfully installed and used.

International Projects

Dubai Atlantis Project

  • PIPE SIZE : D630
  • LENGTH : 3.7Km
  • W.P. : 10 Bar

Dubai Palm Island Project Electro Fusion

  • PIPE SIZE : D630
  • W.P. : 10 Bar

Sokcho, Korea
Deep Ocean Water Intake Pipe Project

  • Pipe Size : D710
  • Length : 10KM,
  • W.P : 10 Bar

Kenya, Olkaria Iv Geothermal Plant Project

  • PIPE SIZE : D280
  • LENGTH : 7Km
  • W.P. : 16 Bar

Myanmar, Monywa Water Supply Project

  • PIPE SIZE : D315
  • LENGTH : 16Km
  • W.P. : 10 Bar

Philippines, Jg Summit Ncc Project

  • PIPE SIZE : D355
  • LENGTH : 6Km
  • W.P. : 16 Bar
South Korea Project

In order to solve the running water shortage of five islands in Gogunsan-gun, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do in Korea Knet's HDPE water pipes, which are resistant to salt damage, were installed together with the Saemangeum Seawall to provide a wide area water supply to residents in the islands.

aemangeum, Korea Water Supply Pipe Project

• Pipe Size : D560        • Length : 17KM        • W.P : 10 Bar

The Yeocheon Stream, which passes through the city center of Ulsan Metropolitan City, has an insufficient amount of inflow and serious pollution due to the discharge of domestic sewage, and thus has lost the function of ecological rivers. It is drawn and used as river maintenance water, and it is restored as an ecological river by blocking the inflow of wastewater.

ULSAN City, Korea

• Pipe Size : D 800       

Deep ocean water is clean water with abundant minerals with little or no pathogens or organic matter, maintained at around 2 ℃ regardless of the season. Sokcho City, a tourist city located on the coast of the East Coast, planned to develop deep ocean water and develop it into a strategic industry in connection with the local marine leisure industry. Since deep ocean water must be taken from a distant ocean, Knet's HDPE pipe, which is resistant to salt damage and has excellent workability, was chosen and used as the intake pipe

Sokcho, Korea Deep Ocean Water Intake Pipe Project

• Pipe Size : D710        • Length : 10KM        • W.P : 10 Bar

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