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Blowing Cable

Difference in installation method

1) Install the cable with compressed air from the equipment.
2) No cable is installed physically, and no core disconnection occurs.


1) It is light and thin and is suitable for pneumatic installation.
2) It is easier to handle than conventional cables.


1) It is possible to install in several ducts because cable outer diameter is small.
2) It can be used with existing cables.

Conventional Division Air Blown Solution
6~8 Person Required
number of people
2~3 Person
250m Maximum
installation distance
1~10m/min Speed 60~100m/min
Men-Power Installation method Air Blowing
Advantages of Micro Cable

It is a type of cable that has 2~12 cores with 1.2mm ~ 1.6mm of outer diameter and also can be installed in microduct by air blowing method. there are two types of outer sheath. one has outer sheath attached with beads (EPFU Type), and the other has smooth sheath (EPSU Type)

Smaller Ducts & Handholes

Smaller Reels
(or more cable on a standard reel)

Designed for the blowing

Recommended Tube Size

Select the proper size of microduct by using the Microduct Selection Guidelines table

Fiber 250㎛, G652D/G657A1 200㎛, G657A1
Fiber Count Up to 72 96~216 288 Up to 96 144 288
Cable Diameter 5.8±0.2mm 6.5~8.0±0.2mm 10.2±0.2mm 5.1~6.0±0.2mm 6.4±0.2mm 7.9±0.2mm
Tube Size (ID) 8mm 10mm 12mm 8mm 10mm 10mm
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